• We, at Fly and spider control look to offer you personalized pest inspection services in christchurch  and its immediate vicinity. It is no denying the fact that pests are indeed a cause of worry. These creatures are certainly tiny tots but the damage they create is intense. In fact, experience shows that these creatures can do substantial damage to walls or even the roofing timbers of a home in just three months. This is certainly a cause of scare for any homeowner and it is just to tackle these worries that we look to offer you the best of pest inspection services here .
  • We know that a Google browse should throw up plenty more names of firms offering pest inspections in christchurch. However, people who have availed our inspection service will confirm that there are only few names in the industry which can match us in terms of quality work, commitment and dedication. As a top pest inspections  firm, we certainly look to put our best foot forward. One should also note that pest detection is never an easy job, but with over a decade of expertise to fall back upon, one can certainly trust us to come out with flying colors right in the face of oncoming challenges.
  • It is the varied range of services on offer which makes us a force to reckon with. Homeowners, who are eager to get a pest inspection job done will certainly benefit from what we have to offer. The inspection services fall under two categories. A homeowner will have the liberty to choose from the pre purchase inspection or a general pest inspection. The pre purchase inspection is perfectly suited for people, who intend to buy a property. While buying the property, one will certainly not have any idea regarding the presence of termites and soon one may have to spend additional money for repair jobs. Our pre purchase inspection services come in handy, and we will quickly submit a report regarding the damage caused by pests for a particular property.
  • Other than a pre-purchase inspection, one can always call us up to do a general pest inspection service . In fact, we also recommend that any homeowner should do a general pest inspection once a year. A yearly inspection should be enough to detect any form of pests and termites, which may be invading the property. We, on our part, will certainly offer you quality inspection service at highly competitive prices.