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World-wide, there are 16 subfamilies, about 300 genera and about 15,000 described species and subspecies of ants. Australia is currently known to have representatives of 10 subfamilies, 101 genera and 1275 described species and subspecies. Get rid of ants without any struggle. Midland Pest Control Service provides the finest ant and pest control service in Perth.

In Western Australia, and more particularly Perth, some of more common ant species we are likely to encounter include:

  • Coastal Brown Ant (Pheidole megacephala)
  • White Footed Black Ant (Technomyrmex albipes)
  • Bulldog Ant (Myrmeciinae Myrmecia)
  • Argentine Ants (Linepithema humile)
  • Meat Ant (Iridomyrmex purpureus)

Adult ants feed exclusively on liquid foods. They collect these liquids from their prey or while tending Hemiptera and other insects. Solid prey, that which is most often seen being carried by workers, is generally intended as food for larvae. Adults which remain in the nest, including the queen, receive much or all of their food directly from returning foragers in a process called trophallaxis.

Midland Pest Control Service is one of the most reputed pest control company in Perth, catering specialized treatments to destroy pests like ants, bugs and related species. When we want to get rid of ants we know what it takes to completely swab them out from your home.

Ant could be one of the most dangerous insects when they form colonies in your home. Small holes, cracks and cervices are the apt entrances for them to invade your home in search of food. They can form their nest anywhere they feel like – under your building or roof voids.

How will you know that there has been an ant attack?

Identifying ant infestation is not hard. However the 3 easy indicators are-

• Long trails of ants leading to the food storage
• Ant nests seem like small dirt piles around your home
• Ants running around foods

Ants form their nest in and around your home and no matter how much you try to destroy it they can easily form it again in no time.

Professional Ant Control Service in Perth:

When you’re really tired of this little menace you need to call professional pest controllers like us. You may tempt to eradicate them on their own but practically it won’t be a wise option because for every species it requires different techniques.

Based in Perth, Midland uses advanced and eco-friendly pesticides. Depending upon the nature of infestation we spray along the trails and dust in the wall voids. At times ant control activity in Perth increases upon the climatic changes. Usually before rainy season they tend to collect more food than the rest of the year. Naturally, that period is the most troublesome for the house owners. With our prompt and effective treatments you can rest assure to enjoy a complete ant free home. Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote.

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  • Ant Control Perth
  • During foraging, workers collect fluids which are stored in the upper part of their digestive system (the crop). Upon returning to the nest, these workers regurgitate a portion of this stored fluid and pass it on to other workers. They store food when available and distribute it to the colony in times of shortage.
  • Some ants build nests in walls and foundations, or indoors in potted plants, enclosed areas, and even in cavities in toilets and sinks. In almost all cases nests are limited to pre-existing cavities or spaces between objects or in rotten wood and seldom will ants attack solid structures. Thus they generally will not cause structural damage to buildings but will take advantage of existing deterioration.
  • Outdoors, nesting activity can result in excavated soil being deposited in gardens and on brickwork. In most cases this causes little property damage but some species, especially species of Aphaenogaster, can form large numbers of chambers close to the surface. These chambers can cause soil to become soft and uneven, causing serious problems when found in golf courses or some types of pastures or crops.
  • A few species will occasionally attack electrical wiring, apparently being attracted to either the insulation or the magnetic fields produced by the wires. In these situations extensive damage has occurred. Ants often move nest sites when disturbed, or with a change in food supply. This can make control and remove of ants difficult in Perth. They may leave for short periods only to return later when a new food source is located and they can recolonize from nearby nests very quickly.
  • Is the ant population turning out to be a bit of a headache at home? We, at Midland Pest Control Service, are here to help you out in case you are highly annoyed by the presence of ants within the property confines. It is a fact that ants never cause structural damage to a building, but there are other ways as to how these creatures may cause trouble. In old buildings, they end up targeting the electrical wirings and disturbing it. While one can flush ants nest away, but if one wants to get rid of ants completely then it is tough, as they only end up relocating elsewhere.
  • This is precisely where professional firms, such as Midland Pest Control Service, come into the picture. We are aware of different types of ant population here in Australia and look to offer you instant relief from this ant treatment Perth. We stress on ways to remove the food supply to ants so that they are forced to forage in a different location. Our experienced professionals have the perfect idea of how ant and pest control operate and this is precisely the reason as to why we are viable to help out. It is also essential to note that the quotes for offering you this service are highly competitive. If the ant population is getting on your nerves, give us a call; we will be more than glad to help you out.