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Midland Pest Control Service strives to be the number one choice for rodent control Perth. Professionals aim to initiate sustainable business results and achieve industry-leading practices by protecting the health, safety and environment of our employees and customers. We believe that our employees are the foundation of our success.

Rodent Baiting Perth

Rats are one of the nocturnal mammals, which are active mainly at nights. They can create a lot of destruction on your household and business property, pushing you in the pit of financial loss. It is necessary to tone down the population of rats before time runs out of your hand. Get contacted to the highly efficient rodent baiting control experts in Perth. Rats breed on dark zones and create nuisance when lights are switched off. From kitchen to bathroom, from hall to bedroom, no space is left where the nasty rats do not infest.

Rats and mice can be found in and around every city, town and farm in Perth

Rats and mice are so closely linked to humans that they are called domestic rodents. Humans supply their three basic needs: food, shelter, and water. Accordingly it’s very difficult to control rodents.

Sign of Rats and Mice Control Perth?

If you identify rats in or around your commercial or residential property during daytime then it point towards that your property have large infestation. Observing of gnaw marks on food and objects such as utility lines are also rat infestation.

Health Concern Due to Rats/Mouse/Mice Infestation:

Rats/Mouse/Mice cause numerous health hazards. Rats feed on human and pet food. They can leave a bad odour. They are passive transporter of germs on their body shells including those that are potentially harmful to humans. Rodents have been found to be linked with allergic and asthmatic reactions in humans, especially in young children and sensitive individuals. Rats have been known to stay alive till three months without food and a month with no water. Rodents are resilient enough to survive occasional freezing temperatures. It is therefore difficult to eliminate once they have infested a place. Get in touch with us and we will ensure you for top notch rodent control services.

Common Rat species found in Australia:

The Bush Rats, Brown Rats, Palm Rats, Long-Haired Rats, Roof Rats, House Rats, Norway Rats, Rice rats and marsh rice rats are the common rat species, which are usually found in Australia.

Inspection & Areas we will cover to control Pest Infestation

1.    Through visual inspection – The technician will do throw inspection of your property internal, external and to the infected areas.
2.    Exterior Surface Spray – Our experts will spray and treat your entire property perimeter from outside with the industry standard and environment friendly products.
3.    Dust Treatment Dust treatment will be applied on infested areas such as crack, roof and crevices, subfloor etc. (If applicable).
4.    Baiting Treatment – Our Company use special bait which one is only accessible to licensed holder professional. We proudly deliver the best result to solve Pest Infestation.
5.    Gel Treatment – We use gel treatment, which are safe for you and your kids and deliver the high-end results. This is one of the unique codes of behaviour we use where applicable.
6.    Recommendations by Professionals – After complication of each job our experienced and highly skilled technicians will recommend the simple changes for long-term solution, which can be achieved by following his instruction.

Can I Do Rats Treatment Myself?

Using over the shelves products will not bring the desire results when you are dealing with rats and mice infestation at your most valuable assets. Our experts deal with rodent control on daily bases to meet all your needs in Perth. We follow the Australian Standards and don’t take any short cuts when dealing with Rodent baiting in Perth.

Customer Awareness:

Cheap prices sound good to your pocket but not to your pest infestation. A lot of customer use over the shelves product and try to do it them-selves and after wasting their time and money then call our company. We put high-end efforts to keep on upgrading our techniques and products. Professionals use only environment friendly products to keeps you, your family and surroundings away from hazardous chemicals.

Cost for Rodent baiting  & Control Treatment

Ring the company and discuss regarding your query as every property and pest infestation are different from each other. We are dedicated on customizing the treatment according to your rats and mice infestation. Call us @ 0459046788 to avail the service.

  • Rodent Control Perth
  • Rodent Control Perth
  • Rodent Control Perth
  • Rodent Control Perth
  • Rodent Control Perth
  • Rodent Control Perth

• There are a few different types of rodents that can invade Australia homes. It is important to know which variety of rodent you have before considering removing them from your home. No matter what type of rodent you are dealing with there is always something you can do to manage your situation. Mice are usually much smaller than a rat usually around 7.5cm to 10cm and they have a smaller tail. Their colourings and markings can include light grey, white, light brown and black.

• Mice can do considerable damage to grain crops as well as homes. They can contaminate any food they come into contact with including pet food. By contrast, rats are much bigger around 16 cm to 20 cm long. They can may be a cream colour, grey, black or light brown. They have a smooth coat and big, thin ears. If you have a rat living around your home it is most likely to be a Brown or Black Rat.The two most common types of rats that live in suburban Australia are the Black Rat and the Brown Rat (also known as the Norway Rat).

• Both of these rats were introduced from Asia and are known as ‘True rats’. They have a well known history of carrying pests and diseases. Brown Rats tend to burrow and build nests around the foundations of buildings. Black Rats tend to burrow in insulation in roofs.