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termite control perth

Best Termite Control Services in Perth

Termites live in the ground & can eat your house down!

At times you need to look for termite control services in Perth. Do you know why? They are known to destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home within 3 months of construction. Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest, combined. Termites occur with a high incidence of attack in virtually all urban areas.

Termites are small in size and soft bodied insects. They build a central colony nest from which they construct underground tunnels that can radiate in a 150 metre radius from a central colony nest in search of a timber(cellulose) food source.

Termites management are highly secretive, and can enter a building through areas inaccessible to termite protection such as, through in-fill patios, fire heaths, expansion joints and cracks in concrete slab (on-ground) flooring. Termites can pass through a 1 mm crack or an expansion joint between adjoining concrete slabs.

Reason for Choosing us

We are the best pest control service providers for termite control in Perth. Our pest control company has been gaining knowledge in pest control service ever since we were founded in Perth. We have built up extensive knowledge of the lifestyle, habits and liabilities of all types of pests that can harm your businesses. We have also advanced unmatched technical expertise in dealing with them — from detection and exclusion to capture, identification and elimination. Development and Research has always been a key element of our business, offering an unmatched products and services. Our professional staff can be call on as the need arises.

Our Customized Solutions includes are:

** Complete residential and commercial pest and termite control
** Rodent control
** Bee & flying insects control and removal
** Drain services
** Clogging inspections
** Mosquitoes abatement
** Water bug and Cockroach extermination

Termites are insect species that consume wood and other fructose materials. Although some structures are more prone to termite attack every house is vulnerable to potential termite invasion. Many homeowners concern about flooding fire or, but termite damage is actually more common. Even if your home or office is built primarily of brick or stone, you can still find yourself with a termite problem, because basic supports as well as other building components are constructed of wood and other cellulose components. Professionals here also offer services like bedbugs, bees, mosquitoes, fumigation services, rodents, cockroaches, fleas and any other kind of pest in commercial or residential premises.

We have professional termite control experts, provide a wide range of services all over in Perth. We take pride in every service provided to our customers on time and on budget.


  • Termite Control Perth
  • Termite Control Perth
  • Termite Control Perth
  • Termite Control Perth
  • Termite Control Perth
  • Termite Control Perth
  • We, here at Midland Pest Control Service, are ready to offer personalized solutions to Perth residents, who simply want to get rid of pests and termites. These tiny dot insects live on the ground and one must never get fooled by their size. In fact, they can claim to damage your property within three months. Experts say that termites tend to cause greater levels of damage than even fire. It is precisely for this reason that we are here to help you in the fight against termites and keep a strict check on them.
  • Now, amongst the termite control measures we offer, you are at liberty to choose from a pre purchase inspection or a general termite inspection. Our pre purchase inspection services should ideally suit people, who are looking to purchase a property. We realize that buyers spend their hard-earned money on a property purchase. Now, just in case it is full of termites, then in quick time, one may have to spend more money on repair work as termites generally do a lot of damage to the interiors. One will only notice it at a stage, when maximum damage to the property has unraveled. This is just why it makes sense to call us up and book a pre purchase inspection check. We will do a thorough check and submit a detailed report regarding the specific property. A property buyer will certainly get an idea of termites or any other pests, which may have infested the property.
  • Being a reputed termite control firm, we are of the opinion that one should do a termite check-ups every 12 months. It helps the property to be free from the menace caused by termites. It is essential to realize that plenty of firms in Perth offer termite services. However, we have earned the rightful tag of being the best amongst them and there are reasons in support of the claim.
  • One must note that termite check-ups is not an easy affair, but we have just the perfect experience to do the job. We have been in business for over a decade and are able to handle all solutions related to termite control and inspection with ease. Moreover, another big reason for our popularity lies in our ability to do the job at highly competitive prices. One will love to hear that we are ready to do a termite review job of $165 and the work is carried out in accordance with Australian standards and regulations.